Like I don't know Vinyl Star and all the old time Brixton gangsters

My set with Ears last night was pretty good. It was certainly the weirdest clubnight I've ever played at and having a booth with no monitors and no nearby speakers is never ideal. I think I'm gonna have to start practicing DJing at home with my speakers in a different room to get used to that. It was worth it though because I had fun and also got a copy of DJ Exit's new record and made some Ps.

Wiley's album should be out within two weeks. Not feeling the design - looks like a mixtape. I still think it will be the best grime album ever, though.

Lots of people have been asking about Statik's Grindie mixtape. Download it here. Also, listen back to Statik on Ras Kwame's show here.

Quite a few people have also been asking about my Scorcher interview, so to check it out, click here.

Jammer at The Old Blue Last earlier this year or maybe last year.

Catch me DJing next Thursday, where I'll be playing loads of old dusty (but great) dancehall 7"s I bought when I was about 15 and also lots of grime and some U.S. Hip Hop too.

VICE Magazine, Modus Ent. & Family Tree present:

'Crack-Rock Steady'

Thursday 20th April

An exclusive performance from Dancehall superstar BABY CHAM (performing 'Ghetto Story')

Support from Jammer A.K.A. The Murkle Man and Shizzle
w/ DJs Vinyl Star & Prancehall

Venue: The Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern Street, London


alex bkbk said...

the boy better kno graphic design is kind of poor even as mixtapes go. as an album yr right its just awful. i'd have jumped at the opportunity to make a nice album cover for wiley. come on man its not hard!

Anonymous said...

That won't be the album cover, i think thats just someing Jamie made to promote Wiley's upcoming release.

Queen_Passion said...

that event looks good

but why is it on the same night as Eski??


alex bkbk said...

& same night as FWD

Hugh Grant said...

Wot times Babycham preforming?? Sunday Mass nuth dutty wineing gwannin, Vinly star fuckedup da night an Slew Dem "If can pop ur pum pum..say Wooyyyyyyhhhh"
Imma go Eski rave after Obl still..Fwd fi get bun like Babylon

Wylies track bout Gangstas is a bick candy..get mi.. nah mention of real showerman lik, Shaka boggie boi one leg, Biscuit Head (or as Kano calls im Cox), 2 Toe Toni, U get a hole in ur jumpa lambie, Big Betty from da market, I'll kill ur Mum Wendy an Skinny white boi wid a quiff murksta... Wylie Up ur Gangsta listing star. its weak lik auntie Mavis bladderrr


babycham is on at 11 i think

Anonymous said...

Babycham track bad..can you put up a link for it? I thought Wylie was being "tongue in cheek" with the Gangster thing???.
I don't like it either way, i prefer the Swiss version.


babycham track available at:

Anonymous said...

man i went to that night it was NECKLE