Draw for the ting in the Morrison's bag / Make your green and black stripey T shirt with white bits (almost) look like a Kenyan flag

I just made those bars up straight off the top of my dome. No joke. With a bit more practice, I think I can be the Andy Milonakis of grime.

I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Get your 'FREE SCORCHER' Tees ready cos I just heard that Scorcher's up north on 23/24 doing 4 months in Feltham, although he'll hopefully be out in 1. I was speaking to him just a few days back about providing some tracks for my little project, so I'm praying he's out soon.

I was almost liking the new single by The Streets and the Professor Green remix video is kinda funny. I've heard the album now though and it's another big stinking turd. Decide for yourself here.

DJ Chicken in New Orleans' 9th Ward

I was in New Orleans a few months back and met up with some local Bounce DJs and Rappers. Watch a little video here.

Anyway, they're coming over in a few weeks to perform and free tickets are available here, so make sure to check that out.

I'm very pleased to hear that DJ Lioness has been given back her Rinse FM show. Catch her every Saturday at 5pm.


One more thing:

I'm DJing this Thursday (13th April) with Ears at All You Can Eat at The O Bar, 83-88 Wardour Street, W1V


Anonymous said...

Pffft... Has anyone ever rocked a high top like Kid and Play?

Anonymous said...

ahhhh that Kenyan flag thing woz funny.

D Double E had a high top for about the last 4 years, its making a comeback in Grime along with afros. Men beading their hair is also big in bashment...maby that'll catch on. ... Wylie with beads?

Blesselzz Prancer

Anonymous said...

that video of the fat kid is too funny!!

Brosnan (HF) said...

Jme with afropuffs does it for me everytime

Anonymous said...

prancehall, you are the jamie milonkis of grime.. just skinner and more albinoish squashed face flu thingy looking shabba ranx blonde afro thing kinda kid...

Dat fat kidz too funny.
Prancehall get a really really high, high top

netti (naomis lickle sista) said...

.... yeah real real high lik....
an on a albino dats like tooooo sugarpuff get mi.. its past neng its nango
....i ain't feelin da beads on man look gwanin in Bashey streetz, way to earth, wind an fire fi dis showergal

Gal Better Know but yeah but no but

Anonymous said...

Jme an afropuffs..Boy Better Know
....gotta mention Durrty Goodz still, man woz rocking cornrow pigtails way back in 2002.
Damn i miss dat nigga, everytime i watch dat clash dvd of him an Wylie it brings a lump to my throat..misguided genius