Ten years before Danny Weed made Creeper / When I had about ten holes in my speaker / When Randy Savage put Hulk Hogan in a sleeper

Run The Road 2 is being re-released in the U.S. on the 7th of February on VICE Records. I'm sure you guys know all about it already, so I won't bother saying anything. Here's a picture, though, just so you can recognise it if you see it in Walmart or the Mall or wherever you crazy Americans buy your CDs.

I'm giving away one whole copy of the CD to a very lucky American reader. All you need to do is look at this simple question below and email me your answer along with your name and postal address.

Question: How old is Hattie Collins?

(If you do not want to receive news etc. from Vice Records, then please state this in your email).

If you don't know who she is, google image search her name or something.

I see Chantelle Fiddy has got a competition going on her blog to give away copies of the new Slit Jockey mixtape. I've only been given one copy of this, but I'm not greedy, so anyone who can answer the question below can have my copy of the mixtape.

Question: What is Jammer's Dad's name?

Click here to email me your answer.

Vote for Jammer's 'Murkle Man' video in the MTV Base chart.

Jammer is selectable halfway down the list.

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Crazy Americans, THANKS!