When I come down everything gets messy / Might see me smoking on the blessy

Quick post - have to head off to 333 in a minute.

I just found this old mix my nephew Adam gave me on a CD at FWD last year. I was speaking to him a couple of days back and he tells me he's hooked up with a few people and has some big productions coming soon. More info soon.

Download the mix here - featuring tracks by three 3 mafia, nasty crew, vex'd, toasty, the youngers version of 'roll with us' etc.

Logan's show last night was really good. I fell asleep before I heard Bossman spitting, but yeah....blah blah blah....

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adam said...

since this mix was for friends i should point out the vexd/toasty mix is the audio from a dubstep mix by thinking - i didn't have that vexd track at the time