Murder charge ain't a joke and laugh / Think you're shower, but you can't even jump in the bath

A night of live music in aid of the victims of the London Bombing.

Tickets are 10 pounds in advance from Uptown, Scenario, Deal Real or the info number at the bottom of the flyer. 12 pounds on the door.

This has nothing to do with me, so the likelihood is it won't be waste and won't be cancelled at the last minute.

Also, make sure you don't miss this:


Anonymous said...

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"Bear" tings!
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Chantelle Fiddy said...

I'm looking forward to next months blog clash... brapppppppppppppp and hope to meet you tomorrow

Jim Bergerac said...

Don't give up Prancehall. Soon you too will have a big Jeep with your face painted on the side (like Westwood). Failing that, definitely an Escort with one of them window stripes that were big in Enfield in the eighties. Maybe if you buy the lovely Fiddy a can of Tizer and some Space Raiders she'll ride shotgun in your murklemobile made for two.


i can safely say i'd get air pie if i did that.

she'd probably get hattie collins to put the mash in my left ear.

what is FIP? said...

biggle, showeface man... check out scratcha's showerface tv...


with a showerface like that u shud be in the cinema..