I know the skeng man that do obia, voodoo and witchcraft / Roll with the 9 month old baby so they can pull out the mash from the Winnie the Pooh scarf

So..........I've been busy. Stacking my Ps etc.

Anyway, I was at Chantelle Fiddy's clubnight at 333 on friday. If you weren't there, you missed out. I turned up around 12 and it wasn't looking very grimey at all. Hattie Collins was on deckle, interjecting the silence between some records with apologies to the crowd, which I found strangely touching. Blah blah blah...I'll cut to the chase. It all kicked off around 3. Ears, Scare Dem, No Lay, All in One, Stamina Boy, Skepta (who was wearing a dead animal on his head), Scratchy, Jammer, Chronik, Fuda Guy and a small bald guy all touched mic. (oh yeah, and hector or whatever he's called - says 'rudeboy' a lot). I managed to blag my way onto stage when the main set started with Logan on deckle, but headed back into the crowd after a while when everything got moving. (See a little clip here). Scratchy definitely merked and Skepta came with loads of big new bars. I also noticed Stamina Boy had smuggled a hip flask of Whisky in his back pocket. Good plan for the next one I think.

I managed to catch Dizzee, Newham Generals and Klass A at Fabric a couple of weeks ago. Klass A were ok - quite interesting production; Newham Generals were pretty big, but the crowd seemed a bit baffled - chants by Double of "when I say 'ooooooahhhhhhhh, you say 'it's mmmmwwwwweeeehhhhhh mmmmwwwwweeeehhhh'" left most people looking confused. Dizzee was pretty good, but didn't come with any new material. (listen to Dizzee live in Nottingham here). The highlight of the night for me was when Jammer tried to push his way on stage to do a live pa. Unfortunately, the security weren't having it, but I had a chat to jamble later on and he's fine with me mocking him, so that's good.

I was at the VICE birthday last week too. I honestly can't remember most of what happened due to being absoultely fucked when I got there and then there was all of the free beer they were giving out...

I remember talking shit to Trim when I got there and also having a little chat to Jammer and Faction G, but that's about it. I kind of recall seeing Kano live with Dangermouse (who got air pie I heard) and of course, how could I forget Jammer pulling out his CD to give to the DJ so he could do a live PA of Murkle Man? I've got no idea if I actually saw Fire Camp, but they were there too. For a full rundown, go to Danny Walker.


Come to see Jammer (who's DJing and MCing) and Riko this Saturday:







7PM - 1AM



brain said...

hmm looks like i missed ya at 333. got there way early [10:30] to get the cheap door but could only take the truly awful dj'ing [especially in the main room] for so long before it drove me out...left at 12:30 - at which point the grime room only resembled a bad high schoool dance. now i know better, so next time tiny.
btw what is it with grime dj's and lack of skills? or is it just me?


i dunno, i never hear any bad grime djs on rinse anymore. a couple of years ago, it seemed as if only about 3 grime djs on pirate radio could actually mix.

if you mean that no grime djs can juggle etc, that's pretty true. although, i'm more a fan of quick, solid mixing and logan definitely delivered on friday.

brain said...

i mean more towards at live shows...i dont really trust what i hear on radio anyway since its so easy to pre-produce stuff. not that i listen to rinse anyway tho, but just at the handful of grime shows i've been to the dj's are bad - sound levels going up and down, problems with gear, poor mixing, etc...just basic incompetence. as a technically-minded type it drives me nuts, especially because grime stuff is so minimal and easy to mix i would think it could be a good platform for hearing some really musical dj's.

Anonymous said...

um hattie collins and chantelle fiddy arent what i would call djs
then again, theyre not what i would call djs. although i think fiddy would look great with my twelve inches. *boom boom*

anyway prancehall, youre sounding a bit shook with this report, wheres the sense of humour gone? have grime people been threatening you?


comedy takes time, which i don't have a lot of.

besides, fuck all happened, so really there was nothing to take the piss out of.

i could've said klass were a northen version of the teletubbies, but i quite liked them.

Anonymous said...

tiny p blatantly drew chantelle fiddy at the vice gig and they've been in bed bussin screwfaces ever since..

tiny drew chantelle, big charms shes a catch
they met pon blog lyrical sparring match
the only white bwe she gave time was scratch
till tiny prancer took lil tiny to her snatch

Anonymous said...

raaaahhhhh so prancer is finally gonna be showering on chantelle - big him up im jealous stil but maybe i will be next to date her i hope prancehall isnt gonna pretend that he wrote all those heartfelt confessions of amour on ilovemusic when it was me if you do that prancehall you will be a certified wasteman dont do it blud i beg you let me still have my chance if things dont work out with you and lady chantelle she is still too buff i knew you and her would get it on even though i wish it was me but what can i do about that now i knew i should have tried harder but im not in the media so you had an unfair advantage prancehall still no hard feelings you deserve it no wonder the humour has gone there is no reason to show and prove anymore now you have stopped the search for some1 special and have got that special someone

Anonymous said...

theres some fucking weird people about