The level I'm on is unreal / I'm like a car with only one wheel

Check out this thread for the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Big ups to Mrs Riko for the link.

VIDEO: Jammer & L Man freestyling somewhere

MP3: Virus Syndicate - Major List MCs (Jammer Remix)

Featuring Trim, Ears and others. When's Trim gonna get back on the radio?

Hold tight for the Showerface awards, coming soon.


LethalFizzle said...

wow, party rings. those are my all-time favourite biscuits. i cant believe lethal has replaced his bottom lip with one. wasteman. no, i mean, literally, he is a wasteman. someone could have eaten that.

Mrs Riko said...


Lethal prison shower said...

With lips like that, he'd better stay out of jail, or he'll be demonstrating a new kind of showerface

Anonymous said...

Modern day Satchmo

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the showerface awards.

I've seen a few good contenders already.