Merking, merking; that's what we're into. We merk in threes, we merk in twos

Just a coupla quick ones...

I went to the Vice Magazine grime party last night (hold tight Daniel, hold tight Alex, hold tight Paul b. Davis & erm...that other guy).


Trust me nephews (and nieces) this was the biggest rave I've touched down to in a long time. Imagine Eskimo Dance down at your local pub with more people packed on the tiny stage than in the crowd! Slew Dem Crew (with youngers), Fire Camp, Ruff Sqwad, Skepta, Jammer & Ears all squeezed into the cramped room to give a scene which made sidewinder look like afternoon tea 'round yer gran's house! Brap, indeed.

We turned up quite early and it was pretty much just us and Slew Dem youngers in the venue (and a coupla wastemen who quickly left). We sat around at the bar as Slew Dem downed glasses of Coca Cola in the corner of the stage.

After a warm up set from spooky DJ, Logan Sama took to the decks as Kraze from younger Slew Dem (who was sporting a Will Smith circa-fresh-prince-style afro) dropped bars like a chihuahua on speed. Jamble, Skepta, Ears and some more of Slew Dem then swaggered onto the stage as the sweat dripped from the ceiling. Ears, Chronik and various Slew Dem members dropped their best known lyrics to a big response from the crowd.

Tha Bizzle and Fire Camp then forced their way on stage, which now held more people than were in the crowd. Lethal spat "pow" and the "air on the roads" bars, but he still couldn't get a reload. Skepta then clashed another Fire Camp member, but merked him with "what d'ya mean, what d'ya mean you fool, go on then, go on then, draw for the tool" getting the biggest cheer of the night. Fumin grabbed the mic, but, hilariously, was shoved off stage before he can even finsih his bars. Jamble then took the mic and got about 3 reloads with his "murkle man" lyrics as the crowd roared along.

I was gonna get on stage and spit my war bars for Logan, but I was afraid Chronik from Slew Dem might pick me up and throw me out the window. Maybe next time...

Ruff Sqwad were on at the end of the night and performed to the 20 or more people remaining after the rest of the MCs had left. Tinchy & Fuda Guy got the biggest crowd acknowledgment as Ruff Sqwad reeled off bars over a slew of their own productions. We heckled requests for 'uptown girl' after they had finished the night with 5 minutes of spitting accapella stylee, but to no avail. For the best, I guess.

When it was all over, we skipped merrily, spinning and clicking our heels in the air as we travelled home on road. Not really. Instead, we rolled (not literally) down the stairs with our hoods up and screw faced any man that tried to watch face. Then, outside we met Ears (my new best friend) and he told us how Skepta and Knowledge (fire camp) had gone to sort some stuff out. Knowledge was fumin (...) so much that he couldn't even touch mic inside the venue. Apparently, Knowledge was told Skepta had said some stuff about his mum on a new track with Jammer, but he actually hadn't, but Knowledge didn't know this, so Knowledge was still fumin (huh...) as you might expect, when in fact, it was only a little hype ting, so, in the end, it was blessed, innit.

I would post the mp3 of the Jammer and Skepta track, but I'm sure it's on another blog somewhere. And anyway, you guys probably already have it.

More mans sending for me too:

"(Skepta) had a bar about making money like Diddy blah blah blah Chantelle Fiddy. Prancer has to raise his profile he didn't get a single bar. I told him he has to start clashing to make a name on the road. I wanted him to battle Logan and settle his beef but nothing happened. Prancer is air on the road".

YOU WHAT!?!?!?!?!?


Listen, yeah, I've already merked Logan and I sent for Chantelle Fiddy, but she wouldn't even show face, so hold your gums rudeboy.

Anyway, here's a taster of my war bars for Fiddy:

Lumpenproletariat, swag, not off the heezy.
Call yourself an expert on grime, but have you even heard of MC Beezy?

I'm gonna cut some dubs next week, so you'll have to wait for those to find out the rest of my bars. Lock off.

Daniel (7 year glitch) on the countdown riddim: "One of the best worst tracks ever in garage. There have been a few and this one doesn't even have the 'would everybody stop getting shot' sample".

So true...

I would post the video or something, but obviously you guys all have it. Yeah, I do read the comments...


anonymous 2 said...

shit anonymous 1 got in before i could stir up shit again

didn't mean to tho, sorry prancer. people took my 'off logan's blog' comment too seriously. gays

anyhow, big up on the latest post. i have you locked on livejournal feed now

oh yeah and isn't that picture of Nas off my page... air @ u lol

LIONESS said...

"I was gonna get on stage and spit my war bars for Logan, but I was afraid Chronik from Slew Dem might pick me up and throw me out the window." Lol, that would've been a big picture for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Logan Sama biog - First tune purchased: The purple Public Demand promo of ‘Rewind’.


i like 4 4 like matt jam
but logan's show is waste, man

Chantelle Fiddy said...

star, when did you call out my name... don't chuck it I'm ready for you on a level.

jdsyxx said...

chantell fiddy called out ur mum rudeboi on a level man will get taken off road for less! i beg u dont have it from a girl! prancehall is slippin