I'm on people's tongues like tastebuds and my lyrics blow up riddims like thugs...get in my way u get laid down like rugs

Hold tight nephews, nieces, cousins and bredrins. We've got a very special guest touching down today. Hang tight my sistren Andrea Dworkin. Family tree.

Gyals gonna be laying down some bars about the rise of feminism in grime. Take it away sister...

Arguably feminism in grime is about nothing but personalities; grandiose, petty, quarrelsome, deeply ridden by feelings of inferiority and, yes, hysterical. Female advancement in grime is really the story of mans wanting to link bare gash. Women succeeded because the time was right for gyals to succeed. Everything else is sheer puffery and self-aggrandizement. Ya get me?

Lady fury
Lady Fury is a pagan figure with a bent toward lesbian imagery. The mythical character who many feminists celebrate as the first wife and equal of Wiley. An unwed mother who cranked out the kiddies and then went on a merking spree. Transforming herself from a shotter on road to a shotter on the mic.

Lady Sovereign

To Lady Sov's admirers, she is a hot-rod combination of martyr and holy warrior, a survivor of the endz, who dared to speak truth to power. To her critics, she is a raging harpy who rose up out of nowhere, intent on taking away their bills and (some of the male ones vaguely suspected) their skengs.

(Lady Sovereign on the left)

MP3: Dolly Parton - 9 to 5

On her latest joint, '9 to 5', Sovereign sagaciously discusses the integral tensions between modern feminism and clashing on the mic.

Unfortunately, the legions of female listeners who are likely to pick it up will get the muddled tale of a lackluster heroine, whose insights into the plight of working women suffer in comparison to, say, Dolly Parton's 24-year-old pop song "9 to 5." Girl's experiences in what seems to be late 1990s community centres are simultaneously reductive and overblown, unrealistic and misogynistic, politically charged and hopelessly passe. And rather dangerously, Sov's litany of complaints ("I ain't no early birdie") will serve only to undermine the veracity of more nuanced and very real claims about things that actually tend to go badly for working women.

No Lay
No Lay is a gifted, galvanizing communicator; a pioneer of a particular and pernicious type of rhetoric, one currently being used much more effectively by shotters and big mic men. When gyal sprays on the mic, inspiration flows forth from her like milk from the supple breast of a supine siamese cat ("nah, we don't wanna clash, that's long cos we heard your tracks and you sound swaggish").


Anonymous said...

jokes haha

Anonymous said...

why are all good female MCs ugly, an all shit female MCs pretty...apart from Lady Sov, shes shit and ugly - haha
-a swag bag

Anonymous said...

the same reason 80% of the male ones are u fuckin speng

Anonymous said...

Oh shit - sorry Sov - didnt realise you visited the site!!!
We cool yeah?
-a swag bag

Anonymous said...

shut up u fuckin shit cunt! sexiest pig they aint ere for ur eye pleasure u know. recognise talent 4 wot it is an not wot u c

-u mug

Anonymous said...

is dat man mad...!? how da fuk can he say lady sov's shit? and how the fuk can he say she's ugly, dat mans gota be on sum serious shit to be sayin dat...