me dad is fumin, not fumin as in fumin from boundary crew, but fumin mad...

I reckon if me mum goes eskimo dance and proper does breakdancing and shit, this scene will blow.

Do your parents and friends feel grime?

MP3: Maximum, Syer, Wiley, Skepta & Jammer on Rinse FM

"Come meet the murkle. I'll put my cylinder into your circle".

If there's a best newcomer award at Sidewinder this year, Jammer has to win it. It's crazy how much he's improved. His new bars are off the coat hook!!!

"J babe, i gotta bounce, my girl just text me"
"Cool my yout', dat was sweet, but mek sure yuh kip tings on the DL"

MP3: The Vengaboys - Routine Check - Roll Deep Remix

Phil & Grant only come in on the chorus. Thank God.

VIDEO: Bear Man - Drinking Bear

Men who like to drink bears.

Is that like drinking from the furry cup? (hehe...I maked a joke...)

MP3: Vybz Kartel - Weed (Indian Summer Ridim)

You don't here those jamaican lads talkin shit like "it's too real in my endz". Oh no. They just stick to tried and tested themes of: weed, jah, murdering gay people, jah and weed...the good things.


Coming soon: The Riko 'Wish You Were Here' holiday special. Hold tight for that my bread's gonna be big.

Also, congratulations to Riko who was voted the MC with the best yardie flow in my recent poll, just edging out Lady Sovereign, who finished a close second.


Anonymous said...

would you mind not using ultra share anymore cause it never works when i try. it sucks to see these sets and videos ready for download but you just cant get them.

PLZ Tiny Prancer

Anonymous said...

there a nex link on lioness blog tink dats were he got it anyway but hers will be higher quality if he didnt

Ben Sweeny said...

Big up for using my thread from Rewind, got a show when I read that

BIG UP Neway

Anonymous said...

prancall been sent for, check it

Anonymous said...

Feeling honoured that you used my quote (jammer in bed)...i hope nobody is offended - haha.
Damn, i will have to stay anonymous now!

Anonymous said...

can u post more regular please

Anonymous said...

wen is bearman gonna realise that white lightning is CIDER!!

girl_by_thelake said...

Oh my gosh, this is SO WEIRD!!! Ha ha ha!!
I love the dancing mascots!!!