I take no chances and leg it, jumping cars, fences and hedges

MP3: Ruff Sqwad / Roll Deep - Nothing

This should be amazing, but it's not. The intro leads you to think you could be listening to the new 'underground'(Tinchy Stryder). Then, in comes some waste trumpet riff and by the finish, they've repeated "it's nuffin" about 300 times and you've got Groove Armada's "superstylin" stuck in your head. Buy it!

Poplife blog is back. Hold tight Derek.

MP3: Tinchy Stryder feat Wiley - Uptown Girl

We won't say anything.

MP3: Trina feat Ludacris - B R Right

Yes'day, I was walkin' through the hood an' I seen somethin'' it hurt me.

MP3: T.O.K. - Wap dem and done (Famine Riddim)

The new T.O.K. album is shit. This one obviously isn't on the album.


A Day Without Prancehall is Like a Day Without Sunshine.


darrun said...

oh my goodness that uptown girl tune is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

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let's just say jme isn't the only big mic man who goes uni.

lock off with your waste degree.

(hold tight my ucl family tree).

Anonymous said...

i like that while the shark, tiger and turtle form a pretty tight boyband threesome, the bear is throwing down a more restrained move for the ladies, and the crocodile is just flailing wildly.