Cos I'm neckle, make a MC quick time sssseckleeeeee

Yeah, hold tight Chantelle Fiddy and your waste bars. You're a rave MC. I'm an ARTIST. This ain't about comedy bars anymore. This is serious.


My lyrics are intelligent like brehs with three or more GCSEs.
Your gran is a pitbull and the bitch has got fleas.
I wouldn't wanna press you cos you've got bare STDs.
I rep the up and coming while you nibble on Kano's dick cheese.

My lyrics are so cutting, like a blade they'll wet up your belly.
You need to wash out your vag with a douche bag cos it's getting kinda smelly.
I like dem gyal wit the big behind, but yours is like jelly.
You wish you were 13 again so you could get sex from R Kelly.

Mantelle, you get no love, you get air darlin'.
You're still shallow in the game, but i'm far in.
You're into Barbie dolls, I'm into barrin'.
So don't be callin' out my mum or you'll get gassed like Sarin.

Think you're big cos u know Skepta's cousin?
You smell like shit – flies round you are buzzin'.
You've got one rhyme, I've got 12 dozen.
So put that dick back in your mouth and carry on guzzlin'.


Anonymous said...


Chantelle Fiddy said...

u get me fam... and it took you a day to write that. Go check yourself and watch for part 3. I say Prancehall you say dead...

Anonymous said...

You say Prancehall .. I say ... deaded Fiddy.

RIP dear!

lady vanity said...

Mantelle got merked - straight up.

And real road man, call shit what the fuck they want.....

brain said...

try to step & tell us how you grimey?
brain'll bust a nut leave your bumhole slimey
blimey! i get hand jobs from bitches with no fingers
especially your mom u fuckin minger
and it aint mantelle its man-witch
cos you face look half man and half bacon sandwich
and you sit there thinking grimewatch is set
too bad niggas dont have the internet
so back to you my little html pudding
its a good thing i dont let my wood swing
cos if i took dat bogina from the front
id find out why dey call it "boiling custard cunt"
but in all seriousness little chantelle boo
i tell u somethin - prancehall fancies u!!!

Chantelle Fiddy said...


Anonymous said...

prancehall murked it again. man has jokes, witticisms, venom and bile. he murked fiddy. she did good but prancehall, boy he was just too much.

Anonymous said...

Go line for line with Chan's second round - he doesn't merk her on any couplet at all. She killed him with the girl guides line, killed him with the 5'2" line, and deaded the whole thing with the Word Of The Day toilet roll line. It is a fallacy to claim victory for the male half of this battle. The bitch tore him several new assholes.

Anonymous said...

chantelle, as jammer once said "dont give up the day job keep plumbing..."

Walter Odington said...

I have got so many genuine laughs from all the Prancehall/Chantelle chats. Brains too!


Anonymous said...

Post audio up instead..

Anonymous said...

spammin cunts

i agree doh put it to plastic that would be jokes imagine chantelle spittin war bars on the mic

Anonymous said...

kano's dick cheese.


himself said...

Round 3

Anonymous said...

prancehall man, youre looking deflated. you need to come back hard man. cos chantelle is looking like she took the balls out your nutsack. i was expecting better from you cos your blog is so much better than hers (who are you though? cos enquiring minds wanna know. people are wondering if you and fiddy is the same person and this is all just a ploy for publicity), but youre kinda dissapointing me. sort it out man, and do it fast. you cant get murked by fiddy. she dont deserve the victory.

Anonymous said...


dats cold LOL

MC PizzleBizzle said...

I saw some of you strait g's were going hard so I thought I drop a quick freestyle ya dig !

chillin in my scooby, imported its asian, raving, blazing, chicks see the stick shift and go 'thats amazing' not to forget we're playing playstation...3, thats what its gonna be and if u try n slew me? you'll end up sodimized hanging from tree. GRIMEY! Ya it is but what you gonna do? YOU CANT FIND ME ! some try to clean up there act, but im ont this GRIME TING ! Some will doubt but its not hard to see, so manys bars they're building prisons round me.

Now these dutty sluts they make smile, baiting themselves for pae-do-files, have this chicks got no respect for themselves? your swag bars get left of the shelve, not even brought on the 12th...of never! obviously your not too clever.

And i could spit bars about your std's and positive tests from your GP and how you lost your virginity when you 3 but it wasn't your fault it esctasy, im tryin to sympathize with my heart, but the rest of me won't let be so i'll keep spittin till 2023. until theres 23 mini me's to come and duppy all u fake g's.

Hold tight Knaphill, G-twon, Surrey-Soldierz! SLEW DEM