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Get the recent Digital Mystikz Radio 1 set via drumz of the south

Jah Dread- 'Augustus Pablo' (Greensleeves)
Digital Mystikz- 'Changes' (White Label)
Digital Mystikz- 'Intergalactic Dub' (White)
Skream- 'Midnight Request' (White)
Digital Mystikz- 'Antiwar Dub' (White)
Digital Mystikz - Stuck (White)
Digital Mystikz - 10 Dread Commandmentz (Souljahz VIP Mix) (White)
Digital Mystikz - Haunted (White)
Loefah - Root (White)
Digital Mystikz- 'New Life-Baby Paris' (White)

Get a big Cameo set feat. Shystie, Narstie, Solo, and Mini Me via Pearsall. (What the fuck is the first half-step track in that set? When the square wave drops, it's just too good!)

Head over to gabba pod to get an old Ruff Sqwad track that everybody seems to hate. Waste.

While you're listening to all that stuff, go to silverdollar for the lowdown on the biggest grime DJs right now.

If you're free tomorrow night, check this out:

Fear of Music Special @ The Venue, New Cross

10th June 2005

Spektrum (live)

Plasticman (Rephlex) & Lethal B (DJ/MC set)

plus special guest


daniel said...

Hey John, did you go to that party? Was it any good?. I'll give you a call tonight I have some dj gigs for you.


no, i didn't go. i only found out thursday night and i'd already made plans for friday. apparently, plasticman cancelled and digital mystikz played instead. would be interested to know if lethal b went back to back with mystikz. speak to you later.

Anonymous said...

hang on... is that dan in the photo?


who's dan?

that's just a random picture