Did your girl run off with a wooden-legged man?

Roll Deep Crew were on Tim Westwood's show again last Saturday.

Amazing freestyles at the end. Big new bars from Scratchy.

MP3: Roll Deep Westwood Show

MP3: Maceo - The Recipe

O.K. so that's Crunk. Roll Deep are Grime. What happens if you combine the acapella of '3 Kings' by Slim Thug, T.I. and Bun B with Jammer's Prang Man instrumental???

MP3: Slim Thug vs Jammer

Hmmmm...Semtex help me out here...

O.K. I've just been on the phone to DJ Semtex and he tells me he's invented this amazing new genre. It's called Crunk and Grime. It's crazy! It's like lego, but with music! What you do is combine an acapella of one of the genres (i.e. crunk) with an instrumental from the other genre (i.e. grime). It actually works both ways too, cos it's that diverse!

It's all been getting a bit serious on here recently, so here's something a little bit different:

MP3: Jeckle & Hyde - Forward 3


Anonymous said...

After Westwood's efforts on that first Roll Deep track, Cameo is gonna have to come up with something really special to regain the title of Best Reloader.


terrorhythm said...

I just stumbled across your blog and i'm totally enjoying the humour!

Keep up the good work!

desarrollo web said...



haha. keep up the good work yourself plasticman.

any new stuff coming out for me to know about?

any little mp3 mixes (old or new) you could maybe send my way (please)? i had a little 20 min mix from earlier this year that featured mark one 'plodder' but i lost it when my pc died.

terrorhythm said...

Yeah I should have some stuff soonish - I will keep you posted!