Something old, something new, something borrowed...


Firstly, check out this track from a few years back, when DJ Narrows-esque 4/4 Garage was all the rage:

MP3: Youngsta - Raw 2 Da Floor

Now, an unsigned track from Hell Science Dept. (awful name, i know) hailing from the Grimey ends of New Zealand.

MP3: Hell Science Dept. - Predator

I've been trawling the internet, "borrowing" (stealing) from other blogs, but we'll keep that between me and you, so check out this exclusive that you'll find nowhere else at all on the internet. Don't even bother looking for this anywhere else because it's totally exclusive to me. Don't even think about looking at Breaking Ranks. I was there first. I was on this track before it was even made. Did I mention this was an exclusive?

MP3: South Rakkas Crew - Bionic Ras Riddim

Dancehall DJs are calling it Electro-Dancehall, but any Grime DJ worth their weight in skag has been dropping this in their sets.

Look out for Capleton: "Long Time" on this riddim, where he sends for Elephant Man.

Buy Bionic Ras

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