New Orleans, Spring 2006

Above is some footage from a club I went to in New Orleans earlier this year. The venue is well known as a bounce club but you can hear mostly snap music (and maybe a bit of crunk too) in the video. If you pause it after 21 seconds you can see my left ear in the reflection in someone's sunglasses.

This was my tour guide for the week, DJ Chicken.

I took loads of pics that will be wasted otherwise, so you might as well have a look. I used a disposable camera and a cheap compact camera so most of the pics aren't so hot. Some of the better ones are by a photographer called Chris Keenan, who was also out there with me.

Photo by Chris Keenan.

Fats Domino's house. Photo by Chris Keenan.

DJ Chicken.

Slab1, a DJ on the biggest hip-hop station in New Orleans. Photo by Chris Keenan.

DJ Jubilee, the king of bounce. Photo by Chris Keenan.

Street band.

Photo by Chris Keenan.


Anonymous said...

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Millions? Prancer has billions of readers, even mans in communist china are all day murking the refresh button to see if he's got back from the union bar and blessed us with another post.

Anonymous said...

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Hyperfrank said...

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Danny Walker said...

Big pics

Jay Watts III said...

Ahh, I was just reading yr Dazed article on the Metro on the way to work about 20 minutes ago, and then I googled DJ Chicken and got this! Great pix!