Panty, Bras, Coke and Cameras

This week's Fader blog column is up.

Btw, imagine how completely insane you'd go if you were forced to listen to this chorus on loop and look at my new logo for an hour – while on acid.


griff said...

this logo is the best!!

Elijah said...

cheers prancehall!

Anonymous said...
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Badman nah shop Waitrose said...

LOL Titch really is out of the loop, talking about Wiley & "Rolex Sweep", "Funky House"... Poor guy sounded quite happy to be getting the phone call, Grandpa Simpson Getting A Visit styles. I expect things are pretty grim for him inside.

Doogs giving it some actual homophobia like he's Elephant Man or something. Good luck ever getting signed now.

Rifflez said...

There's not much a man doing life in jail can say to you btw:

"sniff line, do grims" - even the grimmest of grims will look like Cheryl Cole when you're facing a lifetime of your own hand or getting bummed up by the mandem on G Wing surely?