I am in search of a DVD copy of a documentary about a group of teenagers in Seattle called Streetwise. If you have a DVD-R of it that you could send me, please get in contact.


Bogart said...

No shit, I just watched this on M.I.A.'s YouTube channel.

It's like Kids' older, cooler, brother.

marc said...

i just watched the whole thing on youtube too. fucking brilliant but very, very sad. thanks for the heads up.

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Anonymous said...

Quality documentry, fucked up what happened to everybody though.

1. Dewayne Pomeroy hanged himself in July, 1984, the day before his 17th birthday. Some of the street kids held a balloon release and planted a tree in Freeway Park in his memory.

2. Lou Ellen Couch was stabbed by a man at an arcade on 1st and Pike Street during a fight in December 1985. Her last words were, "Tell Martin and Mary Ellen Lulu died".....Some 319 people attended her funeral. Two floor plaques at the Pike Place Market bear the names of Dewayne and Lulu.

3. Roberta Joseph Hayes fell victim to the Green River killer in 1987. She was last seen leaving a Portland jail. Her remains were discovered near highway 410 around Enumclaw, Washington in 1991.

4. Patti died of AIDS.

5. Munchkin has been working as a chef in Seattle for over 15 years now.

6. Rat had been incarcerated in prison for a while, and was last reported to be driving a truck at night for a living.

7. Shadow was last reported to be doing construction work in Seattle.

8. Kimberly is married to a Navy man and has a child.

9. Erin Blackwell now has 9 children. Two of her daughters live with relatives. Her son, Daylon, lives on his own. Erin and her husband were reportedly planning to move to North Carolina. Mary Ellen Mark still keeps in contact with Erin.

10. Justin Early, who was not a featured character, lives in Los Angeles (and Seattle) and where he completed a book about transformational forgiveness he experienced with his abusive father who was near death with cancer. He articulates the love for his street sister Roberta and Lou Ellen "Lou Lou" Couch, and candidly celebrates his 28 year affair with her brother. Although not a star of the movie (as he was informed by Frankie, at age 13, that the crew was the FBI) he does allow the crew to film a sweet scene while in a phone booth with Roberta.