This week's Scene and Heard for the Guardian site is on hick-hop. Read here.

The previous week's column was on trancehall and the week before that I wrote about a terrible Dutch genre called bubbling.


Uncle Bloodclart said...

"grime is nothing more than a semi-successful attempt at making something which sits between Jamaican dancehall and US hip-hop, then everything makes sense."

Really? And to think that all this time I just thought it was a more MC oriented Garage offshoot. Dark bass, greasy lyrics.

You're giving the Dancehall part far more importance than it deserves simply because YOU like Dancehall a lot.

Clarence Stately-Holmes said...

ok, but it's not really like that anymore is it?

pretty much everyone in grime is now either ripping off mavado or t-pain.

half of skepta's new tracks & nasty jack's new 'yardie' flow = mavado tribute

new singles by wiley, chipmunk & tinchy = t-pain copies

Anonymous said...

Dnt diss tinchy yh your jus some blogger innit noone cares what ppl say in blogs, say one more fing bout my autotune hits and man will write another blog entry bout u

Anonymous said...

Mavado is a prat. Maleven fromm Louis Theroux the other night is a real gangsta for life

Anonymous said...

This Troy sounds like a low-IQ Buck 65. Being Canadian, 65 was of course overlooked.