Dizzee Rascal for Prime Minister, yeah

When the world has just witnessed the most significant and transformative political event of recent history, and a well-informed reaction is needed, it seems Andrew Marr just won't do. Instead, you need someone who really knows what they are talking about: Dizzee Rascal.

Full story and brand new exclusive Dizzee video here.


Anonymous said...

Why can't he talk properly, he sounds a fucking idiot

Anonymous said...

No word of a lie

As I sat watching this on

I was thinking he's a fucking wasteman

and then I thought prancehall would love this shit

I click over to here and boom.


Dr P-Hall said...

oooh i'm shaking like a leaflet.

Anonymous said...

Dizzee is a cock

Josh Console said...

"Dizzee Rascal, Do you believe in political parties in Britain?"

"Yeah, they exist. I believe in them..."

So funny

Elijah said...

shaking like a leaflet- dun know the harry hill1!

Change said...

Oh great, just when all the racists out there were being shown that black people can be just as articulate and intelligent as their white counterparts along comes Dizzee fucking Rascal with his bullshit bandwagon

Smurfman said...

I'd rather have Gen Laurent Nkunda as prime minister than this turnip

Obama Dan Kalonjie said...

Best bit is how Paxman addresses him as "Dizzy Rascal" or "Mr Rascal".

They both know it's a pisstake though, that's why they're almost about to start laughing. The ernest politician woman is all like "WTF I go on TV for this?"

At least it wasn't Wiley though.

slackk said...

Oh christ the idea of Wiley on Newsnight, you've got no idea how much I want that to happen.

KAdo-eM said...

Wiley would of been better than dizze, i cant possibly think of any one worse than dizzee, maybe jammer

Hyphy said...

"i cant possibly think of any one worse than dizzee"


Colin Powell Kalonjie said...

Wong might turn up on there next time a Bus Strike looms.

" are dissatisfied with pay and work conditions, so in answer to your question Jeremy: yes, we are on a longage".

Experience has shown that putting Wiley in front of a mic, a camera, or a keyboard in any context other than lyrical is always bizarre and funny.

Jammer would only be good if in his Murkle Man persona. Hearing Paxman address him as "Mr Murkle" would be priceless.

Ghetto would be amazing on Newsnight for many reasons, including:
*He would get over excited and shout "SCOOM", completely baffling everyone.
*He would insist on being referred to as "The Right Hon. Justin Clarke, Esquire" despite turning up in a sideways New Era fitted, with his Flashing Teeth in.
*He wouldn't let anyone else get a word in edgeways.
*He would threaten to "wrap up" Paxman.

Bashy's Mum said...

p.s. any Grime artist that would call him "Pax Man" (much to his consternation) would be great.

And Tempa T on Newsnight would probably be the most surreal thing any of us would see in our lives.

Anonymous said...

"so, mr ghetto, we've been told that you'd actually quite like to see a tory government."


Anonymous said...

these comments made me laugh so hard i had to close my laptop. the bbc did it on purpose though. racist wastemen.

Disco D said...

Dizzee Rascal's manager and record label should've prevented him from doing this interview. They know DR's limitations.
He came off looking like an unintelligent, barely articulate yoot!
Which, of course, is why the BBC chose him. Clever bastards.