A little UK rap blast from the past

Here's a little history lesson fo' yo' ass, Americans (and other foreigners). Back before your Skeptas and your Plan Bs and your Bradley from S Clubs, there was this rapper called Andy Cole. His right hand man was an MC from Tobago called Dwight Yorke aka The Smiling Assassin (look him up on Soulseek). Anyway, they were in this crew called Manchester United, who were, like, really big in the late nineties and stuff. They also had an Irish DJ called DJ Dennis Irwin. Erm, that's all I can remember but check out the above song - it's really good.

(Video stolen from Voodoo Village.)


Anonymous said...

That ecksman I see in there?

Anonymous said...

the best things on your blog you nick from other people. lucky you sit at home all day surfing the net or you'd have no content at all.


i'm employed by magazines and newspapers to look on the internet every day and write about stuff i find, you cretin. "surfing the net" is my job. i get paid to do it.

anyway, i put loads more original content on here than most sites. i don't just post up week old videos and songs in a desperate attempt to plant the flag, like a lot of people.

at least for this one video i found on another site i have given a link to say where i got it from.

thanks for spending your friday night in reading my blog, though. the support is appreciated.

Ash said...

Prancehall king a da comeback!

Anonymous said...

as 'anonymous' said "the best things on your blog you nick from other people."

maybe you should just go out and get someone else to write your blog for you these days?


give me some examples of these amazing things i have stolen from other people, if you would.

i'm not sure what you expect of this blog anyway. i can't just magic a video. it has to exist elsewhere for me to find it. the rest of the stuff here is pics i have scanned or photoshopped.

as i have said so many times before, if you don't enjoy reading this, do yourself a favour and do something else instead.

Anonymous said...

prancehall mate, don't get involved in these arguments! If your blog was crud, nobody would be reading it. They are clearly just geeks bitter with what they've been dealt in life. Just leave their comments unanswered, it's fun for all the normal people to laugh at them. It's like an added bonus on your page. I wish i had a load of world of war crafters leaving spitefull comments on my blog.