Two things

Photo by Jamie-James Medina

"MySpace has taught me a lot of things and enriched my life in many ways. I mean, before MySpace I never realised that Lost in Translation was the best movie ever made or that George Lucas was the best director ever to step foot in this part of the galaxy. Without MySpace I wouldn't have been given the pleasure of learning that 65 per cent of the people in the world would like to meet Notorious B.I.G., John Lennon, Martin Luther King and Bob Dylan."

Illustration by Johnny Ryan

Vice: "Hey people at Glastonbury (not that anyone at Glastonbury will be reading this). Are you guys looking forward to watching Jay-Z in the unforgiving rain with lots of people who hate him? I really hope it rains. Please rain."


SexyHashBrowns said...

Lost in translation IS the best movie made. Love that film

Anonymous said...

remember when you used to write on this blog? i miss that. I thought we had something special back then.

Jonny said...

O-dear... Whattashame for Vice! JayZ went down well and the weather was alright.

Suppose Vice's writers better get back to chatting about how many grams of MDMA they ingested last weekend with a hot little day-glo bassist from Latvia.

Anonymous said...

^err...did you completely miss the point of the article?