Self-fulfilling prophecy?

I was scanning dubplate.net just now when I noticed something very disturbing. Tempa are releasing a 12" by conscious drum & bass MC SP:MC. I remember when dubstep was pretty new and people were calling it slowed-down drum & bass, and now that is just what (most of) it has become. There's no denying it. They are even letting sub standard d&b MCs produce on their supposed 'gold standard' label at the drop of a camouflage baseball cap just because they are big in the d&b scene. SP:MC is the white GQ. It wouldn't be too bad if they were amazing tunes, but they are totally inane, anonymous "wobblers". Listen to clips here and here.

I've been listening to "Stung" by Kode 9, my Martyn 12" and that new Appleblim and Peverelist 12" on Skull Disco on repeat for the last hour to try and block out the pain. (BTW, thanks to whoever sent me those Skull Disco 12"s recently. I lose faith in dubstep quite a lot but it's good to be reminded there is still good stuff out there).


In other good news, Grooverider has been jailed for four years for carrying 2.16g of weed into Dubai. The real story here is the amount. He blatantly was sold the 2.16g as an eighth (an eighth = 3.5g). He should be more pissed off about the fact that his dealer would rip him off so badly, than the minor inconvenience of having to spend four years without Fabio.


Eskemo said...

Well some guy last year was jailed for 0.01 g of weed in his pocket, in UAE. 0.01 is like a speck of leaf. And he was jailed for 2 years.
Fuck being in jail for 2 years in the middle east.
Fuck being in jail for 2 years anywhere in the world for 0.01g of herb.

And 3.5 on a eight. Rar 4.2 is what it is round here.

Anonymous said...

4.2? where do you live? definitely not in london

Anonymous said...

4.2? yr havin a laugh son

Eskemo said...

nah in kent. but i used to get like 4 in manchester.
i know london deals are the norm of 3.5, but iits usually good stuff

khal said...

i feel what you're saying, although i do think it's ironic that you mention someone like Martyn as a producer who "blocked the pain", given that he got his intial acclaim off his dnb output.

Peter said...

There is no such thing as a 4.2g 1/8th of an ounce you clown.

some northerner told me the other day he had some 'indo' and when i asked him whether it came from Indonesia he said he didn't know.

Bottom line is you know where you are in London.

J said...

what the fuck is this weed wars bullshit. who cares if you get an extra joint if you live in manchester? its still not a valid reason to live up north. weed is for pussies. how many (uncut) points to a gram on the sniff? now there's a valid question.

M said...

"weed is for pussies"

Well in my opinion anything stronger than weed is for idiots


yeah i guess it seemed like a contradiction to mention martyn but he is doing some really interesting stuff in dubstep. it sounds nothing like the slowed down d&b that a lot of people are making now. i haven't heard his d&b stuff but if it's as good as his dubstep output, i would like to.

Anonymous said...

why was he 'blatantly sold the weed 2.16 as an eighth'? surely he could have just had an eighth and smoked some of it?



1. it's grooverider. they saw him coming a mile off

2. i could only imagine him smoking a gigantic spliff (and then eating a packet of cheesy crisps afterwards and washing it all down with a lucozade)

3. i am always right

Anonymous said...

after 4 years a dubai slammer his stage name is likely to change smallarabcockrider......

feel for him though, thats harsh

Eskemo said...

well too be honest i think its kinda obvious if you go to an islamic country with drugs your gonna get put in prison for a long time if found out.
In countrys like saudia and malaysia you can get executed if your found to have enough on you to be considered a dealer.
2g's of weed doesnt sound alot to us. But in countries like the UAE your just a fucking speng if you think you can smuggle in drugs.
Serves him right imo

Zero One said...

'Low it Prance, grime is a joke compared to dubstep, and SP's joints are sum nice deep steppaz...
most DNB and d'step production is way above the standards of grime...watch all the MCs jump on d'step soon and turn it like jump-up DNB...unlistenable aggy ringtone music with no soul

woulda been nice to hear SP's 'conscious'vocals on it still


send Goldie over to sort it out

khal said...

i would recommend checking out martyn's dnb output, although i must say i like his dubstep tracks a lot more.




probably my fav dnb cuts of his

Anonymous said...



also you fucking dum dum don't you think the writer of this blog acknowledges that current grime productions are shit and that grime isn't vibrant or really moving anywhere and hasn't been for a while? grime is crap now. it's not about comparing grime and dubstep, those things haven't resided alongside one another in years. no one even really stocks grime anymore. no one is saying grime production is amazing at the moment. and another thing about the mcs jumping on dubstep. are you fucking serious? IT HAPPENED ALREADY ! ALL THE TIME! AND IT GOT STOPPED you absolute cheesy wasteman. go and wash your carharrt cousin

only a dubstep fan would say something like that, only furthering my hate.

and dubai is the best middle eastern country to be jailed in. i bet he gets breakfast in bed and a pedicure you get me.

Anonymous said...

you forgot the filth he was busted with

appleblim said...

ez prancehall its laurie appleblim :)

fair play if u don't like the SP tunes. however, i can guarantee u they were signed on the strength of the reaction to them in the clubs, as with the rest of Tempa's output. Those trax worked very well for youngsta, i have seen the ravers visibly react to 'trust nobody' in particular, i know its a cliche that can be said about most dance music, but u really do need to hear them on a decent big system.

Not sure if u were being ironic, but we would never sign something based on the status of who it is, i mean, a lot of our artists were relative unknowns when we started to work with them. its not about status, esp someone from the d&b scene. he had tunes, youngsta played em, we loved em, we put em out. simple. it'd be the same with any tune that any of us got passed and got a great reaction, from an unknown to a big name.

ALSO! whats wrong with being the white GQ?! GQ is heavy! and i don't really see the connection in style to SP. i am not a fan of modern d&b mc'ing in general but i caught SP chatting on a Calibre set a while back and it really worked, lots of space, measured flows, intelligible lyrics *i'm not winning u over am i?!*

big up anyways, there should be a Dutch treat in the post for you soon ;) - and no, not 2.7 of the old marley-juice either!

Anonymous said...

this shit was news 2 years ago.tempa put out what sells simply, no one outside of london buys that shit anyway,the world remains the same.

Anonymous said...

all goons 3.5 is a 1/8 fact if you divide a ounce into 1/8's you have 3.5 grams oh yer my dads tv is bigger than yours i get more weed than you and ive probably got tighter pants than you and a better pair of wayfarers.

Anonymous said...

sp's been chilling on the youngsta show for months so it figures its on tempa