Crossed the line and you crossed the border

Photo by Alex Sturrock

My friend Alex just developed an old roll of film he took when Riko played 93 Feet East in late 2005 and found the above pic. I think I remember this incident. A group of guys bumped into Riko (or maybe his car) on the way into the club and instead of apologising, they starting having a go at him. Anyway, Riko went insane and was shouting at about 20 people at the same time. I think things cooled down when he went up to one of the guys and said something like, "If I take you down that alley way over there you will never walk again." Fun times.

Photo by James Pearson-Howes

In other news, my friend James tells me that the Niche night club has secretly been opened up again under the guise of a shop near Columbia Road Market. He said as he walked past they were playing Adele, presumably to throw the police off the scent. I'm guessing the bassline starts after hours.


ed said...

is that mrs riko's fingernails i can see poking out next to the evisu bag?

bingo said...

Riko thinks hes so bad, but I saw the towers of london bad him up in that football match on you tube.