Is it just me or does Eminem look like Brian Dowling (of Big Brother fame) these days?

This Benga album, Diary of an Afro Warrior, is pretty jazzy in places. Some of it sounds a bit like the soundtrack to a really epic soft porn film. In theory, I should really hate it but it's so different from what I was expecting that I think I like it. Btw, did I ever mention that "Night" sounds a bit like a pigeon being gently prodded by a nail?


Here is a very short Mavado interview by me translated into Italian. You can't say I don't cater for you lucky 0.2 per cent who accidentally stumble across this blog in between looking for pizza recipes, cheap slip-on brogues, Roberto Cavalli thongs, Brylcreem and cures for crabs (only joking about the last one).


Anonymous said...

funnily enough I got crabs from the last italian guy i fucked.

boke said...

funny description of night

Anonymous said...

i was gonna say "you assholes" but then I realized i am italian and got both brylcreem AND crabs. but not simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

"Diary of an Afro Warrior" - that's one hell of a dubstep cliche!

It might as well be called "The Jah Skeng Chronicles"

Renzo said...

me,i was lookin for Kavalli thongs
Viva l'Italia

Anonymous said...

not really funny, and i'm surprised u found time to write it between goin down the newsagent for 2 week old meatspread sandwiches packaged in a plastic triangle, buying hacket sweat-tops, and applying acne treatment.

and u almost certainly aint got crabs cos u only evr manage to pull when yr too drunk to get it up

slimey said...

was that supposed 2 b funny pavarotti?