Your chest, Britney

Britney Spears has gone and made the best dubstep song of the year. Fuck "Night", they need to start dropping this at FWD>>. I'm gonna get Jammer to vocal it for my next mixtape I think. Has anyone got the instrumental?


Anonymous said...

ur lost for thinking that wastegash made a best dubstep tune in 07..

ur lost for switching to dubstep, ur following the trends and dat. swag.

big up dubstep music, but f ppl like u that got into it after ''night'' and thinking ur a don.

should leave it and stick to grime, i used to like to read ur blog, goin downhill seriously mr. prancehall..

Henry said...

you're new here, arntcha?

Anonymous said...

I wish i was a wastegash like britney.

The first three songs on the new album are disgusting.
Like, totally horrible.

Sean said...

yeh, true dis...big tune. If u get an instrumental let us know, been trying to make a version of this but its fuckin hard without the instrumental....Jammer over this could mean the end of the world!

dubmugga said...'s a pisstake surely ???

Anonymous said...

ive got it; email adresses'


to the first guy:

lol if you think dubstep is some new trend. were you of those people who had an apparition when mary ann hobbs did that dubstep show about 5 years after dubstep began and now think you have some ownership of the "scene" because skream once read out one of your texts on his rinse fm show ?

i've been doing this blog since 2004 so go and look at the first few posts on here and see what i was talking about while you were probably sitting at home, smoking a bag of leaves, combing your dreadlocks and listening to dillinja. i was into dubstep before i ever liked grime. not that it actually matters but i used to buy everything on big apple, ghost, tempa, dmz, texture etc. i'm gonna sell them all very soon to idiots like you and make a fucking fortune. i remember going to FWD on a thursday when it was me and 10 other people all night. now i walk past at ten on a friday and you and all your mates are queuing round the corner, patting each other on the back and drinking cans of red stripe.

fyi, i'm not into dubstep at all now. in the most ridiculous case of self-fulfilling prophecy ever, after everyone calling it slowed down dnb when it started, that is just what it has become imo. the only guy i consistently rate is kode 9. dmz is a joke. a massively overrated one. i don't even like "night". i never said i did. i just commented on it being the most popular song around right now, which it is.

that britney track is for real and i would much rather listen to that than a whole hour of tracks by caspa and rusko. chestle.

Anonymous said...


I agree alot, but i must add that i am a university student in Sheffield so, other than speed garage, i don't know whats going on. Also, i am very drunk right now. Which helps.

I have read prancehalls blog for ages, and it has literally been a part of my cultural development growing up, a part of the landscape in bullshit tre3ndy smug cunt hackney.

Music is music. Being a cunt, and caring about who knew whaT FIRST is very boring. The whole 'blog since 2004' thing is kind of silly because it don't really matter from which date you were hitting this shit.

I think its all about your appreciation (without sounding whiney and stupid) and PRANCEHALLS blog consistently represents a level of respect which i admire. To knw this mucyh stuff and bred this many MCs (Jammeers my best friuend etc.) you must care about the music. I think PRANCEHALL is not a bad DJ and a good blogger.

I used to hate BrikeLANEcuntswithbaggydenimandtrendyshirts
but now i accept gentrification.
I think its good for 'scene progression' in terms of music ( disregarding social implicationns), but the worry is that it intimidates real fans.

Like, to be honest, my mates who are actually road, love forward and good///dirty dubstep sets, but they dont know about EL-Bs first ever release because it is not important. AT that time normal people were listneting to So solid and payASYOUGO/. Real guys know a good bassline, an d they know when an emcee fucks up a dance.

I remember BOKBOK posting about that FWD show with godsgift before summer saying that people were ‘moshing’ and they needed to learn the ‘protocal’
THAT made me laugh so musch because I was with real E3fellas in that dance and they were going mental. Who wrote the protocall? That is such contrived bullshit. Bloggers should stay HUMBLE.

In vibe bar in sheffield people just dance to the tunes beacuse theyare big and go mad for certain songs, but don't stand in the corner stroking beards and composing newposts./

The first guy is obviously an idiot. Show respect where respect is due. PRANCEHALL is very knowlagable and loyal to UK music.


Benjamin Dubstar

Anonymous said...


agree with most of what ya said, but this guy stood up with some holier than thou bullshit and was slapped down by prancey on his own terms. he started it, prancey finished it. fair cop.

yer, people can do what they like. im all for dressing like a twit and dancing like an idiot and listening to whatever shit floats your boat, but when you start getting cocky about it like the geekboy dnb turned dubstep mob, you're begging to be taken down a notch.

dubmugga said...

hey fuckoff dude...

...ok so rusko's a bit tame but caspa could shit a better remix of that tune than sum ponce wank throwing a wobble over britney and calling it dubstep

but yeah not really feeling 'night' either...


obviously that britney track isn't the best dubstep song of the year. that is just me doing this little thing i sometimes like to do called "a joke". the britney song sounds like something uffie would do, but it's funny and i like the fact that the dubstep "SCENE" is so offended by it.

dubmugga said...

hah yeah...

...everyones screaming out for sexy dubstep so britney comes along oozing the shit and says, there ya go boyz jizz out on this

but the boys are too busy protecting their scene to realise thats how you fucking do it...

...forget all that mystical dark shit if you don't get teh hot young chiccas dancing you wont have a scene for very long

blackdown must be shitting bricks...heh

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"after everyone calling it slowed down dnb when it started, that is just what it has become imo"

like grime has just become hip hop innit


no one was ever calling grime hip-hop but a lot of grime guys are trying to make 140 bpm hip-hop now. i've been saying that for a while. at least there's no 14 year old dnb heads wanking off to it tho. grime managed to escape that. innit.

Anonymous said...

if its 140bpm how can it still be hip hop? no hip hop is at that tempo.... unless you mean its programmed at 14o but sounds like its fuckin 70bpms... its shit either way. thats why grime is boring now, cos of tunes that arent 'grimey' enough.

dubmugga said...

^^^you might want to widen your definition of hiphop beyond the boom bap... skool breakers have been making stonking 140bpm raptunes for ages that are as much hiphop as anything out there

Anonymous said...

these dyslexic fucks need to learn something about syntax and learn another stereotype other than 'beard stroking'. most people who write about something went to the dance, raved, and then wrote about it, which is their right as a consumer of that music.

prancehall you are very ~knologable and loyall~ tho, i wil give you that.

alex said...

oi "benjamin dubstar"
wot u on about bruv your comment dont make any fuckin sense
don't capitalise my name either i dont like it

Alex Bok Bok said...

also ill say what i want on my blog YEA? fwd is a piece of shit now anyway, not worth discussing. I hate it and the people who go there nowadays, you wouldnt catch me dead in that place.