"Got no friends in the ends 'cos I don't believe in friendship"

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Listen: Ice Kid - Unknown

I interviewed Ice Kid recently and he gave me a CD of new Hoodstars tunes to check. I was impressed by quite a few of the tracks - especially the production on them, which sounded a lot like the melodic early Ruff Sqwad stuff that first got me really into grime. Ice Kid hasn't really done much in a while and meeting him it's obvious why. He is brutally realistic about the future of grime. He doesn't expect to get a record deal, he doesn't expect to get famous across the country, he doesn't think grime will "blow". He seems to make songs as a means to let out his feelings rather than to get famous. And I like that. You're not getting any fake and unnecessary bragging from him because he has nothing to aspire to. It's kind of like when Dizzee was first starting out and eventually went on to make his first album. There had been no hint that he would get famous so he was just largely making songs for himself and letting out all his pent up anger. Now everyone wants to put out one mixtape with nothing original to say and get signed.

Here's Chipmunk's budget "hood" video for "Fire Alie".

Chipmunk's pretty amazing on this. Griminal's really good as well. Ice Kid needs some new bars but he's got a lot of potential. There's five more parts of this on YouTube but it gets a bit dull after the third one. I was wondering why Westwood was getting into grime so heavily all of a sudden and then I noticed the video I put up ages ago of Chipmunk and Ice Kid on Westwood with Wiley has had over 250,000 views. It's obviously good for the Big Dog's profile, baby.

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i haven't heard the word 'alie' for ages