Lethal Bizzle is slowly growing on me I think - maybe like an unwanted parasite, but he is definitely growing on me. Notice the drum kit thrown amongst the rubble - does that mean no more indie collaborations? I can't see Logan playing this but, hey, at least it's not grindie. He should definitely do some more work with J Sweet (who produced this beat).

Good song, good idea, pretty poor execution.


Anonymous said...

lol logan did play this and said he thinks it would never be a single

starkey said...

i heard that he didn't wear sunglasses for this video because of this blog.


haha maybe the lack of sunglasses is secretly the reason i like it. who knows.

Anonymous said...

I aint heard a good tune from the Bizzle in yonkers. I likey!

The chorus is a bit BLAH, but i guess he wanted it to be catchy, so everybody would be chanting it.

Who is the production by, its pretty HOT if its UK.