Hit 'em with the PP 5+2

There is a theme to this blog post. See if you can work it out. It's a tricky one.

Dizzee Rascal on Jools Holland's show the other week. It's not as bad as everyone said it was.

Dizzee doing "Stop Dat" at the Radio 1 Big Weekender thing last weekend.

Some little guy whose name escapes me doing some acappella in 2004, while DJ Karnage skulks in the background.


Tonight at DO IT! we have Lee Brasco doing a PA of "Computer Girls", and loads of the Eskibeat MCs (Ice Kid etc.) coming down. Email me to get on the cheap list.


brains said...

big up dizzee for rocking a st.louis cap in that last one! not that he knows it up big up anyway.

Espen said...

Oh I know I know I know! The theme is Dizzee doing live performances!

Do I get a prize?

Anonymous said...

that dizzee / jools perfomance is good. the live drums in particular are nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

what have you got against him?! people aren't allowed to do anything mainstream are they, huh? the rest of the show was terrible but dizzee's always proves that you haters are just wrong.

also did you write that review in vice? it was well written i thought. not.

Jack said...