Waste Man

"On 30 September 2006, Antony Gormley's Waste Man was burned to the ground in front of an audience of thousands in the seaside town of Margate. Constructed entirely of the detritus of modern consumer society - planks of wood, tables, chairs, keyboards, paintings, dartboards, a front door, toilet seats - the 25m high man took over four weeks to construct..."

Now there's an idea... The burning of a wasteman. It could make for an interesting yearly event - burning the biggest wasteman in your area. Channel U could film it and make a TV show out of it.

This is a review I found in a recent copy of NME. It speaks for itself really, but I have to say this is one of the most clueless pieces of music journalism I have ever come across. I mean, referencing grindie, crunk and new rave when talking about a collaboration between a grime artist and a dancehall artist - wtf?

Chamillionaire at The Forum last night was so disappointing. I turned up just after 9 PM and he was already on stage, performing to about 200 people (in a venue that holds 2,000). This guy had a number one single in the US and got to number two over here, yet he couldn't get more than a couple of badly-dressed teenagers to come out to see him play. There was no atmosphere, the sound was awful, and the crowd was seriously weird. Check the video of the little jumping kid above to see the kind of people who turned up to see one of the biggest rappers out of Houston this year. (DO NOT LISTEN TO THE SOUND - IT'S FUCKED). I didn't see any support acts and left when the show ended at 10 PM to head home and reconsider my plans to bring over largely unknown rappers from the Dirty South for DO IT! next year.

Vice wanted Chamillionaire to play their birthday party, and he asked for a ridiculous 20k, but I doubt he took much more than a tenth of that on the door last night. I've got no idea how he's going to do any better on the next leg of his tour in Dublin tonight.


Anonymous said...

The NME is shite, and has been for at least seven years. I wrote them a letter to complain in 1999 when they wrote an article slagging off hip hop that began "According to DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, probably the most important producer in hip hop..". Tossers.

That review was probably written by some coked-up trustafarian dickhead with a twattish pete docherty porkpie hat, who is still bitter against all urban music after his attempt to write 'intelligent' drum and bass was cruelly mocked by the staff of Blackmarket records in 1997.

They should all be killed. Sodomised to death by an enraged carthorse.

Pushermania said...

Ric said the London show was the smallest of the small tour but thought there were 700 people there. I don't know. London can be a hard city. As for rethinking booking down south rappers TALK TO ME MAAAAAAN we will get it going. Starting with Devin the Dude, possibly Trae, stand up dudes who know how to perform. K-Rino. Willie D of the Geto Boys. Yppah. Killer Mike. All possibilities.

Ruffhousing said...

That NME review is fucking APPALLING. Despite the fact that the writer makes reference to Vybz's name, he actually SPELLS IT WRONG and he clearly knows nothing about this sort of music. NME is apparently run by a bunch of swag pussyoles who have never even burned down a soundclash, let alone attended one.

Anonymous said...

Ouch - that is proper ignant. I hope I did it a little more justice in the new FACT - it's our 7 of the issue.

If you plan to get Trae and Devin over - let me know if you want help - those boys are awesome (and Matt is that dude).


t-woc said...

not sure how full it was, but someone got some vid with decent sound anyways