Happy Birthday Tempa T (For Yesterday)

Just came across this video of Tempa T on some Ego 6 tracks. The beats are pretty swag but Tempz rescues the video by going crazy with a baseball bat.

I got forwarded info about the "Coulibaly" single by Amadou & Mariam the other day. I've never heard of them before, but their whole thing is that they're blind. Also, they've sold like 700,000 copies of their latest album, which is a lot. The 12" has a Mikey J remix featuring Kano that I want to hear. I'll let you know what it sounds like if I can get someone to send me a copy.


I've set up a new Myspace page to preview tracks from my mixtape. Check it out here. (I won't be adding people unless they feature in some way on the mixtape - I know that's gonna disappoint a lot of people, but I'm afraid life can be cruel sometimes).

I'm trying to get the mixtape recorded (with hosts) and put out within the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out.

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Anonymous said...

Amadou and Mariam are fantastic. I'm on holiday and I don't have the cd with me, but it's the one with the red cover featuring tracks called Senegal Fastfood and M'Bife-excellent songs. Mali has a massive music scene with a really interesting sound.