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I met Slix from Ruff Sqwad earlier today and he gave me a copy of his new mixtape, Down Vol. 1. He told me he's putting it out at the same time as the new Ruff Sqwad mixtape so people will hopefully pick up his tape when they go to get Guns N Roses 2. Good thinking there. I see what he's trying to do - I like it, I like it. One thing though: there's 22 tracks on his mixtape, which is great and everything, but maybe a bit excessive for one CD. Wouldn't it make more sense if these guys cut the track count down a little bit, got one or two more guest features on there and put them out a bit more regularly? Then if they released them more frequently, they could afford to cut the price a little. (At the moment grime mixtapes cost 2 or 3 times more than US Hip Hop tapes). Just a suggestion.

Oh yeah, Slix did a quick freestyle too:

For some reason he couldn't get over his dangerous my area was - taxis whizzing by, guys on bicycles meandering along the road, old dudes skulking by. It was quite a lot for him.

OMG, nearly forgot to mention what the mixtape is like. It's great. Honestly I was a little shocked at how good it is. I rate Slix a lot but not many people in grime have managed to make a good mixtape, so I wasn't expecting that much. (Although, as with every mixtape, all of the hip hop ones are simply a waste of disc space. People need to stop making token hip hop tracks).

Slix's new tattoo.

Here is the CD posing with my friend's signed Jay-Z record. Did I mention I got offered free tickets for Jay-Z at Wembley and seats three rows from the front at the Royal Albery Hall but turned them down? Once you've seen Jammer freestyling live over Britney records, the prospect of seeing an ugly 30-something-year-old American guy rapping doesn't really appeal. OK, I'm not being totally serious but honestly I'm not a big Jay-Z fan.

Jay-Z freestyled over "Pow" at the Royal Albert Hall show, which would've been nice to see, but I also would've had to sit through a performance by Chris Martin. I think I made the right choice.

I got the DJ Wonder LP a few weeks back. It's pretty good; haven't listened to it properly yet, though. I really hate Bruza so it's a shame he's on there, but on the whole it's a decent album. I guess it's just nice to see people getting stuff out there.

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