It's hard out here for a blogger

Fuck Three 6 Mafia winning an oscar (check out the footage here - almost brought a tear to my japs eye), and tell Skepta (Mr 'I wanna win a MOBO, then go for the Oscars') to get in the queue cos I definitely deserve to get some kind of blogging Oscar.

Check out what the Observer Music Monthly have to say about me:

"A random perusal of music blogs might give you the impression that
they are either written by a bunch of anorak-wearing dudes with sweaty
handshakes (who spend an unhealthy amount of time fingering record
sleeves) or else by unsufferably smug and pretentious wanna-be music
hacks. And for the most part you'd be right! So thank goodness for
people like Prancehall, the anonymous and irreverent grime blogger. He
doesn't so much take the pulse of the grime nation as give it a happy
slap to make it sure it doesn't take itself so seriously. And that's the
way it should be."


I've been put on suicide watch following the news of Essentials splitting up. The news just came so suddenly and out of the blue. It's a hard thing for a sensitive guy like me to take. I'm just not sure I'll ever get over the heartache.

MP3: Lil' Wayne: I Miss My Dawgs

(As an aside: I did a google image search for "hot boys" - for obvious reasons {Lil' Wayne was in Hot Boys...yeah?}, without having Safe-search or whatever switched on and let's just say the results weren't what I was expecting...)


Anonymous said...

imagine if ruff sqwad won a bafta?!

WOEBOT said...


i'm happy for you about the OMM's comments I really am, but you let them slag off poor hard-working blue-collar bloggers like me, kek-w, jon dale (shrugs) even marcello for cheap fellatio....

those remarks come at our expense (really typically knee-jerk divide and conquer tactics, i mean what they know about grime you could write in a mp3 tag) and you don't tell them to go fuck themselves and stick it up their asses!

well lets just say i'm disappointed in you. and theirs is such a shitty middle-brow piece of trash.

simon silverdollar said...

observer music monthly fi dead.

(still, nice that they see how good prancehall is...)

Anonymous said...

i heard that prancehall is written by about 3 diffrent that true??

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that someone said "hard working blogger" hahahahah. Get a grip.

BLog beef ? Wow.

there sure are alot of haters in the world. :-(


i respect what you're saying woebot - the main reason i started a blog is owing to stumbling upon blogs like yours and silverdollar's.

i don't see myself as a member as some type of community, though. i read very few other blogs (only those listed in my links list), because most take themselves way too seriously and look down on me for not being equally as serious.

i thought the OMM's comments were funny, so i posted them. there was no deeper thought involved. if they were offensive towards me, i still would have posted them.

also, i've honestly never read those other blogs you mention.

WOEBOT said...

prance yeah just ignore me i'm being a twat.

WOEBOT said...

omm can suck my bum though

simon silverdollar aka Fassy Breed said...

"I cant believe that someone said "hard working blogger" hahahahah. Get a grip. "

Matt Woebot puts a huge amount of work into his blog. Effectively, he single-handedly produces his own magazine on the web. so, the phrase 'hard working blogger' here is not inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Dry your eyes mate
I know its hard for you
cause your heart has been broken

Woebot , who is John (u peeps an your gay little secrets)

throughsilver said...

Nice to see prancehall getting props (even if this is from an OMM that would also recommend Pitchfork), and also want to say that WOEBOT's the dude. Seriously, that top 100 a while back was quality. Gotta love the pimping of the Acen and Black Dog.

Oh, and credit where it's due: not read the whole OMM article yet, but featuring Eyehategod is most definitely A Good Thing.