erm....something like: "all this gun talk, I don't believe it / here's some air, now breathe it"

Biggest news to report from Rinsessions was Logan's new hair cut. Also had some new shoes I think - probably from the sale. Jammer looked like he'd come from some kind of family occasion - very dressed up, in my opinion. Riko had the furry hat again. Gift and D Double both reppin the camouflage/army styles. Military chic - still big in the grime scene.

Here's my favourite review from the RWD forum:

"Ye I thought it was heavi.. man was frontline shockin'.. tha drinkz was too expensiv tho datz all..

Fuda Guy had me bussin up, Rapid n Dirty was holdin it up, bt no Strider man n Logan blud ur selection was deep stil..

Footz n Double obviously destroyd der set Tubby had a bad boi selection, i dont kno y headz dont c DEE n Footz on tha same level, Footz is a big mic man aswel u kno..

Godz Gift goin acapella was raw, Riko was on a hype..

Scratchy, Trim n JME murkd tha Roll Deep set Wiley was ok, heard him defendin Lethal B n Fire Camp wen Ruff Sqwad was murkin dem off, he was goin "Datz not fair man! 'llow it", he was comin wid sum old skool n went on kinda mad stil..

Jammer hyped his P.A , Doctor didnt do Come On coz i fink Riko lef' aint sure but he did spit 2n2 barz, Seb Zero n Fury..

Den Plasticman set wid Skepta, who i thought was gona bang 1 yute 4 tryna big up his endz, den grabbed tha mic off him wiped it off n carried on lol. Chronic was alrite stil, Ranjah workd hard for a crowd reaction but needz 2 get out der mor..

Left afta dat, all in all I thought it was gd nite, glad i went wetherspoonz 4 ma drinkz tho', In Ministry ma Alize cost me 3 a shot, Stella was 4, Double Vodka n Red Bull was 6.."


Anonymous said...

apart from gettin my tings felt by the security,payin a score for two drinks and being followed about by two mampy chicks all night who wanted love,everything was bless.

Anonymous said...

man got mans weed taken at the door so it was kind of long

Anonymous said...

lol prancer on da rinse fm crowd pics lookin like slimzee's gran

terrorhythm said...

£6 for a double vodka and red bull??

Thats cheap.

Anonymous said...

yeah whatever prancehall, we all know thats you who made that comment on the rwd forums under an alias pretending youre a teenager.

one thing i didnt realise until the rinse night is that plasticman isnt very tall. i imagined him as being a big guy. bossman however is fucking massive. so is cronik from slew dem (who are kinda shit, lets be honest). also didnt notice so many of the djs were white. see, grime, its like theyre subscribing to a CRE mission statement, all races, colours and creeds together.

by the way, i like how, after all his talk about not being negative and all that, JME kept going on with his shout outs to all badman in the place. all contradictory man, 'ang tite.

Anonymous said...

much better post than anything you would find on dissensus