stylee's what your crew lacks and I'll make moves like it was a late night jack

A message to the haters who hate on my girl Chantelle Fiddy:

chantelle dont listen to these swag-artists i want to tred on thin ice with you when i take you 2 the ice rink and i want to be the boy in your corner. i would date you differently, i got more than one jumper unlike mark one and i got more than one tracksuit unlike wiley and i also got nice swimmin trunks so we can go swimmin at the deep end in my local borough swimming pool. text or call me or something, if my mum answers, just tell her you want to speak to the man of the house cos that will be me, im usually in after about 3.30/4pm weekdays, so dont stress if im not there before, im on my way. bye bye.


Cameo, Tinchy Stryder, JME & Purple @ Fabric Tonight in Room 3, so go there.


Nobody's given me the xtc mp3s.


Can Slew Dem email me because my friend wants you to play at his club night.



Anonymous said...

big up your chest prancehall you cut and pasted my message from ilx on your site that is BIG blud i feel i have made it now im walking with my chest puffed out all week

but chantelle if you r readin this seriously think about what i said i am not a joker like a lot of these wasteman i want to play footsie with you like i was tubby on rinse on a sunday


'I got more than one jumper unlike mark one'

HA HA HA HA.........that made me laugh !

terrorhythm said...

Mark One's got beef then I'm gonna back it.

He might only have one jumper but he wears a nang jacket.

chimpybits said...
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chimpybits said...

Misty Cold Remix

Misty Cold Remix 2 (Gets cut-off tho)