I want the lord to show me the way/ Don't want distractions leading me astray/ Want to be a household name like Home and Away

MP3: D Double & Footsie - Drawing Gash

Many thanks to Simon for this one.

There's going to be a version of this on the Newham Generals LP called "Mic Centre". It's good, but the production's nowhere near as perfectly lush as this.

Me and my pal Jack do a fantastic version (for money). Sometimes we do a medley, where we do "Drawing Gash", then Jack does Footsie's "bare right hooks" bars and I freestyle with some D-Double "ooooohhhhhhhh-ahhh" sounds and throw in the odd "dirty-ty". We should really be on a grime DVD. Possibly B.A.R.S. 3. We are that big. Maybe just a quick appearance?

Come on... I'm willing to travel. Jack doesn't even need to appear, I can do both bits. I'll pay...

Why's he letting the cookies get away? Wasteman.

"I live in a country where Abu Hamza can book halls to put on seminars trying to entice young Muslims to kill the infidel, but I can't get a venue to play music and give artists a place to perform live."

Logan Sama completely OTM once again as he draws for yet another hyperbolically profound, yet ridiculous, yet true statement about the lack of grime events. He'll end up doing away with himself if he carries on stressing as much as he is now. On the gravestone will probably read the pitiful solemn words: "All he wanted to do was put on a rave".

I dug out my battered copy of the Conflict DVD earlier today. It's like smack. I've been cold turkey for almost a year, I'd say. But today, I finally gave into the urge. I strapped a leather belt around my DVD player, squirted the DVD in citric acid and then, after heating it under a table lamp, injected it into the player's disc tray.

Anyway, I'm off for another quick hit...


Anonymous said...

prancehall u know u updatd da poll? well anyway i fort i wud tell u dat flow dan has jus got a picky head not deads and does kronik even hav dreads 4 dat metter?

el berge said...

Nice photshopping on the image - maybe you should have just left Fiddy in and replaced her head with a big sausage or something

DJL said...

Prancehall OTM.


yeah, you're right, flow dan doesn't have dreads.

(i'm sure he did before, though...)

me and fiddy are famble again. (she just hasn't realised this...yet)

Anonymous said...

i dont think flow dan ever had dreads. anyway lol at that black man in the 2nd pic da funny thing is i not long ago watched dat tv appeal wid mike myers n kanye "george bush dnt care about black people". i must b evil cos dat pic made me crease with dat in mind!
so wen u gonna post up audio of u an ur cousin? never know u could make a video n get a record deal. stranger things hav happened

Anonymous said...

that dee and foots tune is fucking big, that beat could be a big pop hit i reckon, it just needs to be mixed down better. why dont grime mans get hits? is it cos no one in the uk wants to hear our version of rap really?

Anonymous said...

On the gravestone will probably read the pitiful solemn words: "All he wanted to do was put on a rave". Deep.

Massive! your funny guy

Anonymous said...

on a flip tip. whats goin on when germanys new prime minster is called Merkell? also who writes on 1extra forum as these are two quotes:

"yep 2 step is not regognised as garage on an international scale" hmmm

and on wiley

"id never heard of the guy before recently" hmm indeed.

Anonymous said...

YO, murkell is on the front cover of today's guardian. wasteman. he needs to know that jammer will MURK him in a clash