you shit barrer, you fake, you plonker

Hold tight my fallen brother. Man's been holdin' it down on BBLB this week still.

MP3: DJ Garna on Manic FM with Ribz, Blacks, Skrapsta, Iceman, J-money, Jammer, Kronik, Skepta, Rugrat, Vectra, Policy, Sneaks & Corrosive

Lethal B's single 'Uh Oh' is released this week. Make sure you go to HMV and walk straight past it like i did today.

Radio 1's Chris Moyles loves 'the avenue' by Roll Deepin' Squad. "So bad it's brilliant" apparently. Wasteman.

What happens when your brehs switch on you and start callin out names and then Logan Sama decides to send for you too?

This is what happens


MP3: Meridian crew on that cockney rascal, Logan Sama's, swaggish kiss fm show

hold tight the seven oh seven

hold tight the two four oh

hold tight the three oh eight

hold tight the nine two tree


gherkinia said...

twisted like jammers dreadzzzzzzzzz.....

Anonymous said...

Who the hell r u??