You're a woman, I'm a machine

Was reppin' outside Fwd>> on Thursday night (hold tight me). Didn't actually go in. I had an hour to kill and there's only so much solitary drinking in Catch one man can take. I decided my time would be better spent outside of Plastic People. I grabbed 3 cans of Red Stripe and sat around on Curtain Road, while uttering the words 'spare some change' to passers by (not really...). Was quite interesting to find that the drug dealers around Old Street only offer you Coke. I tried to haggle for a deal on some cake with one guy, but when he drew for the 'chete, I decided it was best to run like a bitch. Even more interesting was the sight of a small conference going on outside Plastic People. I couldn't really tell who everyone was, but we'll pretend DJ Chef, Kode 9, Younsta and Skream were all there, smokin', jokin', sharing dubs...

More gossip next week.

MP3: Wiley - Ground Zero

MP3: Slew Dem Set from 1Xtra


Anonymous said...

is the virus syndicate album worth getting? i heard some clips and thought they were rockin. is mark one on all the buttons?


mark one presses every button on the album. i got a 7 track promo a while back, and was tired of the same accents on every song by the end of the promo. i don't think it's as good as the mark one 'one way' lp.