Ghetto Koyote

It's silly how many good grime records are around at the moment.

This morning's postal arrivals:

Ruff Sqwad - Underground
J Sweet - Kerb
Kamikaze - Ghetto Koyote

"Ghetto Koyote" just sneaks it for best of the bunch. Here's one of the many vocal versions (not featured on the 12"):

MP3: Kano - Ghetto Koyote

This isn't Kano's best vocal performance ever, but it's all about the production. Think "Misty Cold" or "Functions on the low".

Buy the Ghetto Koyote Instrumental here


RichD said...

This blog is fuckin great. Thanks f't MP3s.


glad you're enjoying it

jack said...

i bought a southside dubstars 12" that has no track or producer name. it's brilliant and powerful and kind of sad and it goes 'beeyoop-wooo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oooo". id?


is it completely instrumental?

is it new(ish)?

when we went to see kano at infinity, you asked me about one of the tracks they played. was it that because the vip version of that has just been re-released on southside.

it's dj oddz and eastwood - champion vip.

it has funny trumpet-like bits then drops with a strange 'beyoop-woo-ooo' etc bit

the original mix is about 5 times better, but its hard to get hold of.

the only record ive got on southside is mark one - 'the bomb', so i can't be sure.