Grime Primers

The Philistines have spoken, but now it's time to set the record straight (pun intended), with a definitive list of grime primers...

1. Band Aid 20 - Do They Know It's Christmas [Features Dizzie Raskle]
2. Craig David - 7 Days [A black boy from the Urban ends of Southampton]
3. Artful Dodger - Re-Rewind [Has the word 'rewind' in the title]
4. Blondie - Rapture [Song where woman raps. Lady Sov's obvious influence]
5. M.I.A. - Hombre [She's black, she's from the ends, she raps...]
6. The Streets - Weak Become Heroes [Kano was in one of his videos]
7. Oxide & Neutrino - "Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty) [Duh...]
8. Daniel Beddingfield - Gotta get Thru This [Straight from the bedroom to the road]
9. Ja Rule - Between me and you [I was running out of ideas here]
10. The Streets - Let's push things forward [Listen, this guy basically invented grime. Where do you think they got the idea for the forward riddim and the club night FWD>>?]


Me on the UK Hip Hop sensation Dizzy Racsall

A copy of both articles can be found in Mixmag


Chris said...

A+, I was laffin' hard.

paul autonomic said...

Yep, told it like it is. Biggle. I would have included when Sister Monie missed the plane back to London and taught the Jungle Brothers to hip house which is the root of ardkore, gime, dubstep, crunk, jump up drum and bass, baile funk and MIA.

Also big was when the shouting guy from those baile records was over at Titch's place for a bit, and the US release of Showtime where the lyrics are dubbed into American.


have you heard the canadian version of 'showtime'?

sounds exactly like the american one.

Anonymous said...

hello any 1 on here talkin tonite