NAA & Nitro - "Forever"

Wow. Big Narstie has braided his hair into some Peter Andre-style curtains. As if his last look couldn't get any worse. Also, what's that thing he keeps doing with his index finger and thumb? Is that some sort of gang sign or is he miming giving a really half-hearted hand job to a badger?


Anonymous said...

massive lols. someone parred that haircut BADLY!!! narsty looks like keenan from keenan and kel hahahahahahaha

dan hancox said...


this whole video could be some 'smack the pony' satire of an american 'in the back of the club' video.

man brits look stupid when they try and imitate.

Alex Bok Bok said...

rah l dot looks just like a younger blackdown

anyway, so why do grime dudes bother making tunes like this? nobody is gonna like them

Jim Hollands said...

That paddington look she's doing with her eyes is totally hot.

Anonymous said...

that girl is terrifying

is that L Dot Man or Wallace from Wallace & Grommit? Is he quite possibly the palest wasteman around?

big narstie is literally a gigantic teddybear

Anonymous said...

WTF is up with that girls face???
she looks friggin constipated

Tego said...

Narstie is the only rapper in British Hip-Hop history to simultaneously be on Terestrial television (playing a comedy roll no less) and gang bang colours at the same time. Haha. The finger thing is O'Trey ALC.

This song aint really the one though.